Shingle Lift Conveyors

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Heavy duty yet economical rooftop delivery equipment. Choose from electric or hydraulic models in lengths of 16' - 24'.

Removal and installation from your truck is simple and safe

Available up to 24’, Shingle-Vator’s design makes your job site
maneuvering easy with greater versatility

Hydraulic Shingle-Vator

Hydraulic Shingle-Vator

Electric Shingle-Vator

Available Options

Easy Removal

Shingle-Vator is a lightweight, yet strong and durable shingle conveyor that can be easily
removed and installed on your truck bed.

Step 1: Remove bolt from pocket

Step 2: Swing unit out to side or rear
of truck bed and level

Step 3: Remove conveyor with a fork

Download the Shingle-Vator PDF