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Richmond Brothers Fabrication

In 1992 Mike and Ken Richmond opened Richmond Steel in Pigeon, Michigan as a general fabrication shop specializing in agricultural equipment. Then in 1995, the Richmond Brothers purchased Alton Company combining operations, manufacturing crew cab pickups, mid and heavy duty trucks (mainly for railroad and emergency response) and stretch SUV limousines. In 2002, after selling Richmond Steel and Alton Company, the Richmond's opened Richmond Brothers Fabrication and Richmond Farms. Today they manufacture shingle conveyors, parts and accessories, and agricultural equipment and parts.


Richmond Conveyor LLC was formed from a spin-off from Straatsma Associates, Inc., a manufacturers’ representative firm and broker for building materials and building material equipment. Since 1978, the firm has been selling shingle conveyors (Powr Ladder, American Conveyor and Richmond Conveyor), and now is the sole source for the Richmond Conveyor product line and parts in the U.S.A. and Canada.