Made in the USA

Powr Ladder

A Product of Richmond Conveyor

Key Features

Premier Shingle Conveyor Stainless Steel Paddles
  • Lightweight
  • Low Maintenance
  • Economically priced shingle conveyor
  • Portable
  • Unit can free stand off the ground or a flatbed truck
  • Unit will carry 2 bundles of shingles (1 per carrier plate) or 200lbs maximum
  • Convenient roof stand for easier unloading
  • Unit can be purchased with a TMS Hoist
  • Utilizes a hydaulic pump jack to lift unit to rooftop or structure
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Powr Ladder mounted to TMS Hoist can easily be removed from truck bed
Premier Shingle Conveyor Stainless Steel Paddles
Shingle-Vator Removable Bulkhead Supports
  • Operates off any 120 volt electrical or generator supplied electricity
  • Utilizes jackshaft operation for consistent delivery of shingles
Lengths 16' 18' 20'
Weights 172 lbs 177 lbs 187 lbs
Frame Structure Heavy Duty Aluminum
Shingle Delivery System #55 Regular Chain and Carrier Plate
Motor with Switch 1/2hp 115v 1725RPM w/ Reversible Switch
Load Delivery Unit will carry a maximum 2 bundles (1 bundle per carrier)