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Shingle-Vator Brochure
Hydraulic Shingle-Vator Hydraulic Shingle-Vator Variable Speed Control

Hydraulic Shingle-Vator

  • Hydraulic operations include lift to rooftop and shingle delivery in both forward and reverse
  • Hydraulic units rotate manually
  • Controls are located for convenient and safe operation of the conveyor
  • Hydraulic Shingle-Vator will provide increased delivery time due to a greater load capacity compared to electric Shingle-Vator
  • The hydraulic Shingle-Vator comes with variable speed control and maximum load capacity of four bundles of shingles at once

Electric Shingle-Vator

  • All units are constructed with heavy duty greasable bearing for longer product life and less maintenance
  • Both the electric and hydraulic units come standard with the Richmond Truck Mount System™ (TMS)
  • Electric units are raised to the rooftop with a heavy duty manual pump jack
  • Electric units rotate manually
  • Electric Shingle-Vator comes standard with reverse and maximum load carry capacity of two bundles of shingles at once
Electric Shingle-Vator Electric Shingle-Vator Manual Pump Jack
Shingle-Vator Removable Bulkhead Supports

Available Options

  • Extra pockets can be ordered for multiple truck applications
  • Removable bulkhead supports
  • Hydraulic upgrade - operates off truck existing PTO used for the dump bed
Lengths 16' 18' 20' 22' 24'
Weights * 785 lbs 795 lbs 805 lbs 815 lbs 825 lbs
Frame Structure Heavy Gauge Aluminum
Shingle Delivery System CA-550 Chain and Stainless Steel Paddle
Motor with Switch Shingle-Vator (Electric Model Only) 1/2 hp 115v 1725 RPM with reversible switch
Hydraulic Controls Shingle-Vator (Hydraulic Model Only) Hydraulic Fluid Supplied by existing truck PTO unit (not included with unit purchase)
Load Shingle-Vator Electric Unit will carry a maximum of 2 bundles of shingles ( 1 bundle per paddle set)
Load Shingle-Vator Hydraulic Unit will carry a maximum of 4 bundles of shingles ( 1 bundle per paddle set)

*Note: for hydraulic option, add 35 lbs